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What is Holistic Nutrition Counseling?
Holistic Nutritionists are quite successful at helping clients reverse a plethora of serious health conditions, pinpoint previously misunderstood or hidden health problems, , gain energy, reverse , and eradicate food sensitivities and/or intolerance.
primary foodMany Holistic Nutritionists, like Christie Korth, CHC have overcome their own ailments.   Christie became a holistic nutritionist after she discovered her debilitating was caused by extreme gluten sensitivity and other emotional factors.  After learning how to harness the power of holistic nutrition, she discovered nutrition is about much more than just food. 
It's about what drives you to eat your favorite food, when you know you shouldn't eat it.  It's about the balance between your relationships, career, spirituality, and physical activity and how they all relate to your food choices.  For example, ever eat a pint of ice cream after a bad day?  Holistic Nutrition goes beyond menu planning, we look at the root cause of why you had that and work from there.  The root cause wasn't the ice cream, in this case it was emotions that triggered this craving.

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Holistic Nutritionists meet with clients and individualize treatment plans that include  "baby step" changes in diet, lifestyle, and mindset while offering a broad spectrum of services including healthy cooking classes and recipes, email support, health food tours, and kitchen “pantry raids.”
We also offer services for children, teens, adults including private and group nutrition counseling, distance nutrition counseling, (ideal for those outside of the NY area), and kid's nutrition parties, like the Healthy Hawaii Party!
There is no excuse not to call.  As a holistic nutritionist, I am even willing to fully except full blame for family members who are reluctant to change!

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Come and Visit Happy & Healthy Wellness Counseling! We are a full service health and wellness center and offer nutrition counseling for most chronic health conditions like IBS, Crohn's, Colitis, MS, ...


HHWC Founder Christie Korth Interviewed by Mary Mucci of LI Naturally

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LI Naturally interviews Christie Korth of Happy & Healthy Wellness
Christie Korth, CHC AADP Author, Holistic Nutritionist, CEO and Founder of Happy & Healthy Wellness, Inc. is interviewed by LI Naturally's Mary Mucci. Christie talks about her experience with Crohn'...